Take Charge of Your Cloud Migrations with Dependency Mapping, Inventory and Usage Insights


While the technology industry has become consumed with the idea of “the journey to the cloud,” the realities underlying actual cloud migrations often get lost in industry hype and wishful thinking. The truth is that public and even private cloud options don’t represent the endpoint of a ‘journey’ so much as a series of vital resources for more flexible and potentially cost-effective infrastructure, along with options for next-generation applications optimized for versatility and currency.

Leveraging extensive research and interviews from leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), this webinar will provide you with unique insights into cloud adoption, along with associated trends, such as shadow IT. You will also learn how innovative approaches to dependency mapping, inventory and usage can help to make public and private cloud migrations more effective in optimizing costs and maximizing value.

Additionally, this research will provide you with answers to the following questions:

  • What’s really going on with the so-called ‘journey to the cloud?’ What are the most current reasons, challenges and benefits?
  • In parallel, how has shadow IT begun to color the IT landscape? How prevalent is it? And what is its impact?
  • How can dependency mapping change the game both for cloud and for shadow IT?
  • How are new approaches to inventory and usage insights across hybrid cloud environments helping to create a more effective and cohesive IT?
  • What is the best strategy for taking charge of cloud migrations in a way that helps to unify rather than further fragment IT?


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Dennis Drogseth

Dennis Drogseth
VP of Research

Will Degener

Will Degener
Scalable Software, Ltd