The Future of
Data Center
Network Automation


Even in today’s multi-cloud era, data centers remain essential to both enterprises and service providers. They host many of the applications and services that enable commerce and communications. As enterprises and service providers embrace digital transformation, they are modernizing their data centers to be more agile and automated. Networks are often a roadblock, however, standing in the way of data center modernization.

Network automation can remove these roadblocks by making networks more agile, reliable, and secure. Successful execution of data center network automation strategies will be essential to ongoing digital operations. Unfortunately, new research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has found that only 23% of enterprises and service providers are fully confident

In this webinar, EMA Vice President of Research Shamus McGillicuddy will share insights from, “The Future of Data Center Network Automation,” a research report based on a survey of more than 350 technology decision-makers and in-depth interviews with network engineers and architects from multi-billion-dollar companies.

Attend and discover:

  • How an networking team decides whether it should build or by data center network automation solution
  • What network automation features and functionality are delivering the most value to data centers
  • How network automation solutions collect and manage the data required to make a network change
  • What buzzwords are worth paying attention to
  • What challenges you might encounter while trying to automate your own data center network


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Shamus McGillicuddy
VP of Research