The Great Scheduler Migration

Disruption to IT Infrastructure Tools in the Wake of Digital Transformation and Application Modernization


Application modernization and digital transformation are the driving forces in many organizations. These activities, however, are stressing scheduling and automation tools to the point at which many are looking for better answers.

This global study was envisioned following research conducted in 2018, which uncovered that 37% of workload automation (WLA) users only began to use an enterprise-class WLA in the previous four years. EMA wanted to understand how many organizations remained that were not using an enterprise-class WLA product and, therefore, how much growth in net new users might be on the horizon. EMA included Asia in this research for the first time to get a truly global view of these trends.

Join Dan Twing, President and COO of EMA, for a webinar presentation that explores the results of this research, including:

How many organizations are relying solely on environment-specific schedulers, like Cron and Windows Task Scheduler, or cloud-specific schedulers, such as AWS Batch and Azure Scheduler?

  • What drives organizations to step up to an enterprise-class WLA product?
  • Is there a place for both types of schedulers in modern IT?
  • How are organizations prioritizing the workloads to migrate?
  • How broadly is WLA being used to automate IT operations functions and business processes?


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President & COO, EMA