TLS 1.3’s Fourth Anniversary: 
What Have We Learned About Implementation and Network Monitoring?


In 2018, the IETF finalized its TLS 1.3 standard for network encryption, backed by heavy promotion of the new standard from major web server and browser vendors. At the time, the new 10-year-in-the-making standard promised better privacy, but it also threatened to break how IT networking and security professionals troubleshoot networking problems and monitor the presence of malware and malicious actors operating within those networks. 

That same year, EMA surveyed IT practitioners and technology decision-makers to gauge their awareness of this major change in the industry standard for network encryption, their plans to implement it within their networks, and how they planned to deal with the visibility issues it causes. The surprise finding in that research was that enterprises were planning swift adoption of the new standard, despite their concerns about the downsides it posed for existing network and security operations. 

In 2022, EMA revisited the adoption of the TLS 1.3 standard by going back to IT networking professionals, security experts, and business leaders to discover what they have learned throughout the implementation process and the benefits they gained through their adoption and usage. 

This on-demand webinar, presented by Christopher Steffen, managing research director for security and risk management at leading IT research firm EMA, will cover some of the findings from this study.



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Chris Steffen
Managing Research Director