Transcending Passwords: Emerging Trends in Authentication


The days of traditional passwords are numbered! An overwhelming consensus on the overreliance of unsecure and high-friction password-centric access processes has opened the doors to significant innovations in authentication technologies that bridge the gap between high security and establishing positive user experiences. However, many organizations are still reluctant to let go of the aging, OS-level passwords that they have relied on for generations. Topping the concerns is the level of security posed by alternative passwordless technologies in addressing new and accelerating attack vectors such as phishing/vishing scams, keystroke logging, credential stuffing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. At the same time, modern workforces are pressuring IT and security managers by demanding unprecedented access to distributed business IT resources in ways that do not inhibit their productivity.

To help bring clarity to the rapidly evolving authentication landscape, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has conducted primary research into business and end user requirements, perceptions, and outcomes in the usage of password and passwordless authentication technologies. The results present a clear snapshot of where the identity management market is today and the direction it is heading. Join Chris Steffen, VP of Research at EMA, for a half-hour presentation revealing the results of this study for the first time.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The greatest security risks posed by the continued use of passwords
  • The types of authentication technologies users prefer to use as both employees and consumers
  • How to reduce time, efforts, and costs associated with managing user identities
  • The amount of actual work time employees spend authenticating using modern identity and access processes and how to make them more productive
  • How impactful FIDO adoption has been on improving identity security, user experiences, and manageability
  • The impact of multifactor authentication on workforce productivity
  • Which passwordless technologies are most effective at addressing modern and emerging business requirements


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Chris Steffen

Chris Steffen
VP of Research