Visibility Infrastructure Strategies for Inline and Out-of-Band Security


EMA has completed new research that examines how IT organizations enable a secure network with visiblity technologies, including network packet brokers, bypass switches, TAPs, and packet capture appliances. Bypass devices are critical to minimizing downtime when connecting inline security appliances to the network. Network packet brokers and TAPs comprehensively mirror traffic to out-of-band security solutions, while packet capture appliances enable forensic security analysis.

Based on a survey of 263 enterprise IT professionals, this EMA research explores how enterprises enable security solutions with visibility infrastructure. It explores how enterprises should procure, deploy, and administer visiblity products to ensure a secure and reliable network.

Join EMA Research Director Shamus McGillicuddy for an informative webinar that will explore the results of this research, including:

  • Bypass technology: Learn how enterprises should connect inline security appliances to the production network.
  • Out-of-band security: Understand how enterprises can use visiblity infrastructure to deliver the packet data to passive security solutions.
  • Packet capture: Discover how enterprises can support forensic security requirements with packet capture technology
  • Technology challenges and opportunities: Review the factors that determine whether an enterprise succeeds or fails with these technologies.


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Shamus McGillicuddy
Research Director, EMA