What It Takes to Be a Leading Data-Driven Enterprise


Digital transformation is focused on the customer, but the path to successful digital transformation requires enterprises to be more agile, increasingly efficient at product and service delivery, and astute at understanding changing customer needs. In many cases, digital transformation requires enterprises to become more data-driven, adopt tools and technologies that are highly effective at leveraging this data, and execute on compelling use cases identified by this data.

Join leading IT research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and DataStax for an informative webinar that will:

  • Provide insights into the attributes of leading enterprises that are pursuing digital transformation
  • Explain how being data-driven is leveraged by these enterprises to support both existing customer needs and attract new customers

  • Outline best practices based on comparing the performance of data-driven leaders vs. laggards


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Steve Hendrick, Research Director, EMA

Steve Hendrick
Research Director, EMA

David Joy, Partner Data Architect, DataStax

David Joy,
Partner Data Architect, DataStax