Why Core IT Automation Matters to Your Customers


With recent dramatic changes in our global workforce, economy, and environment, the need for digital business transformation is now proven to be critical. Business and IT must prioritize focus to core areas of continuity and resiliency with optimized efficiency and value. Automation has again moved into the spotlight as the technology that can do the heavy lifting for this crucial transformational change. Workload automation (WLA), the most used form of automation for business, will be the foundation for operational IT renewal and digital transformation.

Join Dan Twing, President and COO of leading IT research firm EMA, and Neil Kinson, Chief of Staff of Redwood Software, to learn why you should prioritize digital transformation in your organization and support those efforts with workload automation.

Dan will explain how modern workload automation can work to unify IT processes for…

  • Improved IT-to business alignment
  • More efficient use of resources (including human resources)
  • Reduced complexity and simplified IT management
  • IT and business cost reduction

Neil will show how RunMyJobs’ purpose-built Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model offers organizations the speed, flexibility, and control to meet the critical needs of business and IT now and into the future.


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Neil Kinson
Chief of Staff
Redwood Software


Dan Twing
President and COO