Why IT Transformation Requires Total
Network Visibility


The pandemic has accelerated IT transformation, as enterprises have leaned heavily on technology to maintain business continuity through a prolonged period of volatility. Any major change to an IT architecture presents significant risk, but that risk can be mitigated with deep, end-to-end network visibility.

IT operations teams should have tools in place to deliver this visibility. They can report on the state of infrastructure and services before, during, and after change. This visibility can help set requirements before a transformation project occurs, monitor the changes brought on by the project, and validate that project’s success after.

Join leading IT research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and AppNeta for an informative presentation and panel discussion that will explore:

  • How to determine whether you have the right visibility for IT transformation
  • How visibility can improve your chances of success with projects like SD-WAN, work-from-home, and cloud migration
  • What kinds of challenges you might encounter as you support transformation


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Shamus McGillicuddy
VP of Research

Alec Pinkham

Alec Pinkham
Director of Product Marketing

Joseph Ochs

Joseph Ochs
Manager, Technical Account Management, AppNeta