Why Observability is Key to Solving Business and Operational Challenges

Learn how leveraging machine learning-driven observability can improve developer and SRE productivity by 50% or more

Modern applications based on microservices often run in a distributed environment across thousands of servers, VMs, containers, and serverless functions in data centers, public clouds, and at the edge. Operations and development teams have to process massive amounts of data to solve issues and determine root cause before they impact customer experience and revenue.

Observability is the key to solving these business and operational challenges and is fast becoming one of the strategic imperatives for organizations.

Join Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director at EMA, and Gagan Singh, VP of Product Marketing at Elastic, for an information-packed event where you will learn more about:

  • Understanding the top challenges faced by DevOps and SRE teams
  • Building observability strategy to address these challenges
  • Achieving instant visibility across cloud native and hybrid environments including Kubernetes
  • Analyzing and exploring logs, metrics, and traces for operational insights
  • Using machine learning-driven insights for faster root cause analysis
  • Enabling developers to continuously optimize end-to-end application performance
  • Connecting operational and business KPIs to deliver positive customer experiences
  • Leveraging the benefits of an open observability solution to instrument your environment without increasing operational costs

Additionally, Volk and Singh will discuss real-life scenarios and how the EMA Top 3 award-winning Elastic Observability solution can help developers and SREs in their observability journey.


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Torston Volk, managing research director, EMA

Torsten Volk

Managing Research Director


Gagan Singh, VP Product Marketing, Elastic

Gagan Singh
VP Product Marketing