Why Pay for Open Source Linux? Avoid the Hidden Cost of DIY


Organizations can pick between numerous free community-supported distributions of the Linux operating system. In the data center and on AWS, Azure, GKE, CloudFlare, DigitalOcean, and other public clouds, these free versions are available as part of the default configuration. Why, then, would you pay for Linux?

Join Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director at EMA, and Dan Pacek, Manager of Market and Competitive Intelligence for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to discover why choosing an enterprise-grade Linux subscription model could bring organizations more value. You will learn how a commercially-supported Linux distribution, such as RHEL, can lower operational cost and risk while simplifying the gradual migration of enterprise applications and modern cloud native apps from the data center into the public cloud, and back as necessary.

This research-based webinar will provide insights into what has and has not worked related to the adoption of free versus subscription-based Linux distributions.

Attend and learn how a commercial Linux distribution can help you:

  • Enhance productivity with DevOps lifecycles, unified management across all applications and more
  • Increase efficiency by saving on headcount and simplifying operations across the data center and clouds
  • Lower operational risk through optimized security
  • Boost digital transformation by accelerating the transition toward a cloud native application architecture


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Torsten Volk 2022

Torsten Volk
Research Director


Dan Pacek

Dan Pacek
Manager of Market and Competitive Intelligence for RHEL
Red Hat